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Furcation 2023 - Space: The Final Fur-rontier

Furcation 2023 - Space: The Final Fur-rontier

November 17th - 20th 2023

Registration is now closed!

Boldly going forward, 'cause we can't find reverse

Set phasers to fun, raise the shields, jump into warp and prepare to beam over to Furcation! We welcome you aboard the good ship John Fowler docked in a little place called Brean. Set a course for Sandy Glade Holiday Park but make sure you don't get followed by any imperial troopers, we're trying to avoid getting sealed in carbonite.

We'll rendezvous on star date 20231117, we don't know how many dollarpounds you'll need to part with but rumour has it the information is being carried by an R2 unit. We'll be sending a team through our stargate to recover it whilst being sure to avoid interception by the Cylons.

Keep hailing frequencies open as more information will be broadcast through subspace as we go. Just don't get lost in a wormhole without a communication relay else you won't be able to lock on to our life signs.

We're taking it easy on Risa for the moment, but once an orbit of sol is complete we'll starburst to our destination. Our data archives have some historical documents though we hope to bring these up to date. You'll find some details in our FAQ but be aware this may change as we approach our destination.

Now put your feet up and take a seat at the restaurant at the end of the Universe, whilst we do our best not to smeg things up!

Yo... *** transmission interrupted ***