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Furcation 2023 - Space: The Final Fur-rontier


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"In the beginning, Furcation was created and, we've been using a First Come, First Served Registration system ever since. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

Furcation then sought the wisdom of a lottery system and this too made a lot of people very angry and was also regarded as a bad move.

Faced with an increasingly impossible situation, the IT team at Furcation developed a super computer to answer the ultimate question, of registration, the future and everything. Unfortunately for the IT team, after months of deliberation, it gave us the answer '42' and told us that it would have been simpler to have known what the actual question was."

It's unfortunate that we don't yet have the space to house the 1,200+ of you that registered for the 2022 event. We're currently working on a lottery system for this year to trial to see if we can get some fairness and transparency to the process for you all. We're still refining the process, but work is currently ongoing behind the scenes. We're listening to the great feedback and suggestions that we've received to try and make the process as fair and easy as possible. We can't take guests who are staying off site due to the insurance restrictions between ourselves and John Fowler Holidays. This means there will be some disappointed people once this process has been completed, we ask that you consider the efforts of our staff in trying to find the best answer to this impossible question. We're all unpaid volunteers trying our best to make the event as great as it can possibly be for our attendees and with the absence of a good answer from our super computer experiment, we're just going to have to give it our best shot!

This is going to be our final year with John Fowler holidays as from simple beginnings in 2016, we've now outgrown their largest park. It's going to be a very sad time for Furcation as we've had a great working relationship with John Fowlers over the past 5 events with them (don't forget, 2020 and 2021 didn't happen!). We honestly can't thank them enough for the work they have put in alongside us to make this event as exciting and fun as it has been for both our attendees, the Furcation staff and their own staff.

Bigger things are on the horizon hopefully to be announced at the closing ceremony this year so watch this space.

In regard to how registration will work and what that process is going to look like, stay tuned and news will follow as soon as we've reached a decision.